070111: It was an Ashley Tang’s day! She came over to eat home-made pho and our family just ended up having a bonding time. Together it was Matt, Rudy, Kevin, Ashley, me, momma, and Laura. Soon after we watched Jumanji, stopped, then switched it to Hercules. Hahha, in the evening we went to the park and just chilled there. Ended up seeing George and Sean again<3 Awh my babies<3 And Leon(father).  Talked about college then watched them play tag. Around 8:30p.m, Ashley called her grandpa and asked if he can take us to the movies. We gained $21 from recycling. Split it in half with my brother and went off. Her grandpa seriously drives fast T.T We watched “bad teacher.” Honestly, it was a suckish movie. LOL, i wouldn’t recommend it. :( Then around midnight, we ate dinner with her family. Her momma is so pretty and has a strong accent haha (: 
070211: Had SAT classes from 10-6p.m. There’s a cute guy who sits in the back and he reminds me so much of someone. LOL. too bad he lives in Arizona…..yeah don’t ask. Mhmm, it’s so chill because we can text in class or whatever, just as long as we finish our work. Bahaha, then during our breaks, we can go out and eat pho or whatever. Afterwards, I bought Tastea and had some Karate chicken. Nomnomnom, when we came back from OC, we walked over to Alanna’s house to chill. Had my first sleep over there :’D Or for the summer. Yeahhhhh, hopefully I’ll get to sleep over at other people’s house this summer :) 
070311: Tehee, party time. Celebrating momma’s birthday today even if it’s on July 4th. I hope everyone has a wonderful afternoon<3